Online Price Alert: Free Amazon Price Alerts

  • Online Price Alert watches any product on and notifies you when the price drops below your chosen price (the “target price”).
  • Track both new and used prices; we’ll email you when either target price is reached.
  • Track any number of items.
  • It’s free and requires no registration, and you don’t have to make your watched items public on your Amazon wishlist, as with some other services.

How does it work?

  1. While browsing, you click the price alert bookmarklet (or manually enter the product URL on the create new alert page).
  2. You enter a “target price” for the item, which is the price at which you’d like us to notify you. When your target price is reached, we’ll email you. You can set a different target price for new and used condition, and we’ll let you know when either price is reached.
  3. If your target price isn’t reached in 30 days, the alert automatically expires. We’ll send you an email to notify you, and give you the option of extending it for another 30 days with one click.